Hello. I’m Laura Charles.

Please enjoy browsing my website! My illustration and fine art is done with both digital and traditional media. Since I grew to love drawing through reading, and painting through studying animation, it is not surprising that my work explores the places where different worlds meet: storytelling & visual art, Fine Art & Pop Art, animation & painting, traditional tales & futuristic settings. My current project is focused on melding my digital illustration style with my skill in oil painting through a series of illustrations that challenges traditional female roles in folk tales. You can keep up with my projects on social media and on my Art Blog.

I’ve always been an incurable doodler, and though it gave my teachers no end of exasperation when I was growing up, it earned me my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration from The Cleveland Institute of Art and a Masters of Fine Arts in Visual Development for Animation from The Academy of Art University. If you would like to hire me, or have any questions about my art, feel free to contact me.

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